I can stick invisible Trip Mines. It may seem weird if you are an occasional player. The HRP is a “work in progress”, and is still missing a number of textures and models. Mouse speed was uneven and slower in windowed mode vs fullscreen mode. In duke3d there are only tiny problems with clipping.

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New Graphic Card – Eduke32 doesn’t work anymore First of all, don’t ever use the Omega drivers or any other third party drivers. Sorry for any confusion, ask questions and I’ll try to clarify.

I can play Prey, Serious Sam 2 and Earth on highest quality, but duke hrp still has some tiny problems. Originally Posted by The Djke You must have a crappy computer. Mouse wheel can now be used in menu. You can’t chat with this user due to their or your privacy settings. Back inI was always hitting the exit once before starting unsupportrd netgames 7.

High Resolution Pack

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Your definition of flamebait must be very very different. Last edited by FirstUtterance ; Mar 20, Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned. It gets normal again after 1 or 2 seconds: Unspuported edited by Charlo ; Mar 20, See below in the Misc Stuffs section for details.

Please check out change log below for more and be sure to test at least the new HUD options.

Today, I got my ATI radeon hd and eduke32 opengk duke plus don’t work anymore. You can’t invite this user because you have blocked him. Note that the HRP is solely the replacement graphics.

In this case, the Shotgun should be the weapon of choice. Do I have to install new opengl drivers?

There are a bunch out there same as for doom1 and suchand everyone has their favourite. Speed and instruments are a bit changed when compared to the original tunes. Hitting Esc at the menu screen bukem an empty green screen. Visit Mikko Sandt’s homepage! Originally Posted by The Commander Well if its that anoying to you turn the damn resolution down to X and other settings to low.


*** Duke Nukem 3D – xDuke – A full GNU Duke3d for Windows ***

The keyboard is typically used as Z and C to strafe left and right, X and S for crouching and jumping. Contents [ show ]. I have already used nocam maps. Here’s a part of the log: Find More Posts nukm Chip. It’s as Micky C says.

Source code is here. I just played Prey and it works perfect! New Graphic Card – Eduke32 doesn’t work anymore Don’t get carried away, it’s just some test code that disables sprite rendering that I added a nuiem ago to evaluate the performance hit of the new sprite sorting algorithm I was working on. If they do, post your eduke