But if you actually want to find something, you could still keep on digging even if you dug in that square before. Tim Ruby’s husband What he likes: Crops are not very profitable in the beginning, but later, if you mix the powers of fertilizer, the seed maker, and Tartan, they will start to get handy. He will start talking about his inventions and decides to give you his seed maker. Make sure you leave some space if you want the ducks that come along in the summer, 2nd chapter. Just brush it twice everyday, talk to it, and hug it.

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Well, sometimes when you are good friends with somebody, they will give you some items. Not only will you get this watering can, but later you will get a cat!

Once they hopefully grow, instead of selling them right away which will actually cause a 1000g put them in the seed maker to get 2 S Class bags of that one crop. The real secret to trees is that instead of selling or giving the fruit they produce, use the very handy Seed-Maker to make 2 bags per fruit your tree makes. Gustafa Hippie guy What he likes: This is profitable because the fruit bags sell for a lot of money, like or per bag!

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

Crops are not very profitable in the beginning, but later, if you mix the powers of fertilizer, the seed maker, and Tartan, they will start to get handy. The good fish to catch are the Sharshark which appear around the mouth of the river, so I suggest you fish there, but colombos and snelts are very common in that area. Credits I.

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But the main item to get is the Seed maker. Credits This is who I’d like to thank for helping me, even in some small things.

Ruby Spice Secret Thanks to: Each hybrid has their one specialty, or not. Foraging Ever see those flowers and mushroom looking things around town, well grab them, especially flowers.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life – Money FAQ

If you don’t want to sell them, just cook them into Sashimi if you can, or just give them away. But that depends on the type of cow you have, because if you had a star cow, then the income will be a lot more. Romana old lady, sometimes in wheel chair What she likes: Introduction Harvest Moon is a simulation game where you are a farmer. This is pretty easy to get, just give her those items everyday, you will sometimes see her walking around to that mountain path or inside the inn.

There are many different combinations, so see the Hybrid FAQ for help. So keep those questions going! Fish, some items found al dig site. Goats produce milk for one year, and thats all, cant sell them, and is VERY hard to kill them.


Anyways, to activate this event, just see her when she is in the kitchen of the inn. Note you also have 100g have enough room in your chicken coop. I did pretty much everything I needed to start out with. Plant them and next year, be prepared to get LOTS of money. A Wonderful Life neofans1 yahoo.

Trees Trees are the biggest givers, although they can only produce ael in one season, if you have multiple and even different types, you can buy everything in the first couple of years.

Introducing Heroic Tavern Brawl! – Hearthstone

He will say he just found it on the beach and will give it to you. Not only can 0100g sell them, but you could cook them and give them away. You can even sell their children to make more money, but be rcon, for it will make your parent cows unhappy, probably even giving less graded milk!

Strange Watering Can Character: Downstream or spring fish. All this takes patience, so just be calm and hope when you enter their house that you get the scene! Make sure you only have one male though, if you do get one restart before it hatches and hope for a female.