Place the new Toner Bottle in position, turn it clockwise, then return the green lever back to its closed position. Do Not remove the Inner Cap. YYYY Style and position changes can be made to the date stamp. Proceed with your copy set up selections. You cannot find out what is saved in a file. Im Taubental 6 Neuss 1 Germany Duplex Copying There are two ways to make duplex copies with this copier:

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Authentic Lanier Toner for Use in 5635 5645

This is useful for avoiding shadows on the copy lanifr caused by the bound originals, such as books. There are three ways to save documents. You want to check the print results before making a large print run. Page Stamp Superimpose You can select whether page numbers are printed negative when they overlap black parts of the image.

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These settings may be either the Factory Default settings, or Factory Default settings that have been modified permanently by either you or your Service Technician to better fit your application. Press the Interrupt key. Set your originals, then press the Start key. Loading Paper To save space, this copier is designed with an adjustable, front-loading Paper Trays, which easily open for paper loading.


With this printer you get 10GB of memory thanks to an internal hard drive which can be ideal for storing frequently used data alnier as company logos or common brochures. Deleting Saved Documents Touch the Delete key.

Select the user code you want to change. Touch the Slip Sheet key.

The first and last pages of your originals are lanifr on specific pa-per sheets for covers. General Features 1 of 2 Function Reset Timer The length of time the machine waits before changing modes when using the multi-access function. This tray is usually removed when a Sorter or Finisher is installed. If the guides are not flush with the copy paper, a skew image or paper misfeeds might occur.

Lanier 5635 Operator’s Manual

Included in this chapter are: Touch the Custom Size key. This saves paper and time, by not having to throw out your entire copy job if you do not like the way it was set up.

Duplex Copying There are two ways to make duplex copies with this copier: The RADF can hold up to 80 sheets at once and flip paper mechanically, thus allowing it to scan both sides of the paper. Touch the 1 Sided key for the original.


Photo Select Photo when copying photographs and colored originals. Touch 535 Delete key. Shuts down your copier while maintaining a low voltage to maintain information in your copiers memory. If Stack is not shown, it may be selected with User Tools.

Enter the new information for the item that you want to change. The Lanier is an affordable option for lahier small office that currently lacks copy abilities.

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Document Server The Document Server enables you to save documents in the machine memory and then edit and print them as required. Using the keypad, enter the number of copies you desire. Internal tray 1 Tray Paper Size: Drum – Lanier Prints Pages. Copies two 1-sided originals to one side of a sheet. There are four types in this function: Key Operator Tools 1 of 2 Press lanir [Delete] key.