Plastic, Laminate, Tube Filling sealing machine Tag: The Lighthouse UK head office is located in Loughborough. The CJ Pro comes complete with our exclusive dedicated software, written and maintained with full Microsoft Certified Partner status. The CM doesn just cut signs; it cuts costs, time and effort too. FreeIndex makes extensive efforts to prevent abuse of our reviews system, however we are unable to guarantee the authenticity of customer reviews. The system comes with dedicated Windows software, which makes the designing of your very own signs extremely simple. The company delivers a range of sign and label making systems to businesses, which are designed to create bespoke signs and labels, when and where they are needed.

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Whether you need that one special label or a large series, the advantage of lighthouse cjpro what you want, when you want, with the imprint of your choice, leads to increased productivity and lower costs.

Lighthouse CJ Pro – Signiti

FreeIndex makes every effort to ensure the business information provided by Lighthouse UK Ltd is accurate, however it cannot be guaranteed.

We had a visit from one of the Lighthouse sales reps and were immediately sold by the lighthouse cjpro of its use and also the cost savings in comparison to the Brady printer.

Report a problem with this page. Lighthouse cjpro Cap Sealing machine Tag: Talk with Lighhtouse X.

Lighthouse cjpro runs automated checks on all reviews to ensure that our content remains as useful and trustworthy as possible. Lighthouse UK Ltd lighthouse cjpro a fast expanding network of clients, based throughout the world, including more than half of the FTSE plus thousands of other companies large and small.


Lighthouse CJ Pro

The device operates lighthouse cjpro the basis of the supplied Lighthouse software. No more requisitions, no more rifling through catalogues and ccjpro more waiting for deliveries.

FreeIndex makes lighthouse cjpro efforts to prevent abuse of our reviews system, however we are lighthouse cjpro to guarantee the authenticity of customer reviews. The label printer is a monochrome printer that cuts labels with straight edges.

When the cutter is in use for a continuous roll, the rewind facility ensures there’s no waste, and text can lighthouse cjpro as close to the edge of the label as you wish. After two decades in business, and through a programme of sustainable growth, Lighthouse has shown their sticking power.

Product Details Company Profile. And just like the CJ Pro itself, our software has been designed with particular ckpro on ease-of-use and functionality.

The combination of our materials with thermal transfer printing technology also makes lighfhouse labels resistant to certain chemicals and solvents. Carol Bottrill – Loughborough.

Review Information This review did not pass our verification lighthouse cjpro. The following information has been provided by the business. Faster and cheaper Lighthouse cjpro you need that one special label or a large series, the advantage of printing what you want, when you want, with the imprint of your choice, leads to increased productivity lighthouse cjpro lower costs.

Reviews are submitted by email djpro customers of this business. You may also be interested in: The Libhthouse UK head office is located in Loughborough.


With a footprint of only mm x mm, it is smaller than most ink-jet printers, so fits easily into any office environment. You can also adjust the speed of print, using the dedicated printer driver; 37mm per second lighthouse cjpro vinyl and up to mm per second for paper labels. Using its lighthouse cjpro n drop facility, text, graphics and data lighthouse cjpro typical Windows applications can be incorporated into your owb label design. We used to have a Brady printer, which was not only cumbersome but expensive to use.

We also give you a UV-resistance warranty up to five years.

CJPro – Alpha Lettering Systems

The CJPRO label printer series uses thermal printing technology, so all the labels are automatically resistant to all weather and humidity conditions.

FreeIndex cannot be held liable lighthouse cjpro any products or services provided by the business. The products feature thermal printing and vinyl cutting technologies, they are whisper quiet, clean and are compact enough to sit on a desktop; making them just right for any business or industry needing custom signs or labels on the fly. Lighthouse cjpro CM lighthouse cjpro you instant access to personalised signage without paying oighthouse premium.

Key Lighthouse cjpro CJ Pro. The CM is a unique, compact, easy-to-use desktop sign maker.