Also you said that kernel mainline has driver updated, by that do you mean that kernel mainline driver has support of concurrent mode? A bit apprehensive with the reported connection quality, though. Tired it with Windows 10, and it shows up as an eu not a cu. To me it was interesting to read that the first bug was found using some tool cppcheck doing a static analysis of the code. To setup the drivers on your computer you will need to temporarily connect it to the computer ie. After Update on Ubuntu

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After reloading the module and hostapd traffic is passed through again. Redditors are reporting it works on 4. Per the Troubleshooting note here: This thing has consumed, end-to-end weeks of my time, and I guess the same goes for maybe a hundred thousand other people.

Thank you very very much! Probably by the skin on its teeth…. Blog Random stuff… Comments Posts. After trying many other fixes for my extremely slow wifi connection on Ubuntu Download the source linkx for NetworkManager, or execute the following steps: I am glad to see it works for you all: Post as a guest Name.


[SOLVED] bit, kernel , rtlcu, connected to wifi but no internet

I expect there are several bugs in the driver, and fixing lnux may only make others worse. I did something similar on fedora applying patches from somewhere till about a year? It will work and connect, but will silently disconnect after some time and light traffic? Did you try compiling with the fixes changes? Here is a quick guide how to compile the fixed RTLcu for new kernels.

CONFIG_RTL8192CU: Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter

St Glinglin 2 rtl8192ccu ago. However, the Realtek vendor driver also has the same code, so this may not be the direct cause of the problem. Rafal 2 months ago. Albert 3 years ago. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

It seemed to be recognized, however it was not stable. Hi on linux 4. HorstB 2 years ago. Asus Integrated Webcam Bus Device Continual pinging of something!

RTLcu fix, works on recent Linux kernels (3.x and 4.x)

As much as I hate to do it that way, it seems to work. Work on Fedora 26!!! I think the ping times are a lot higher due to power management.


The networking seems to be perfectly set up, with all the right IP addresses and gateways and routing. Thank you 11 months ago.

Also the new driver has a lot of inscrutable! After Update on Ubuntu The instructions worked great. This article has been a lifesaver for me, thank you so much! The default driver cut the connection every few minutes.