Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks Works also “out-of-the-box” with 2. Credit for this fix goes to MedievalChips, who posted this YouTube video: Works out of the box, but Compiz must be turned off due to Intel X video card. Camera is not recognized. May need to restart Skype Logitech Webcam C You can see video in Cheese or other applications; but 2.

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Logitech Quickcam IM Neither Skype Test only shows black screen nor Ubuntu. Works fine out of the box – noted below as not working – but worked perfectly for me.

Webcam support in linux is mainly provided by the linux uvc projects uvc driver.

SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

First only green bars. If you don’t have that library already installed, install it with “apt-get install libv4l-0” first. Works perfectly out of the box.

Then start start a Skype test call and select the right input in the recording tab.

Works fine out of the box with 2. Not just with Skype, but also Cheese.

Last Drivers  HUAWEI Y500-T00 DRIVER

Skype and Web Cameras

Chip set used by a variety of inexpensive Chinese cameras. Cam Notebook Pro [] 9.

Works nice out of the box with the latest driver Needed compiling latest gspca driver. Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks May You need to install the gstreamer packages and try this out.

March 16th, 9. Cheese Works out the box! Plays nicely together with external USB laptop camera for switching cams in both applications. Logitech Quickcam Express Plus 7. Syntek USB Camera built-in Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Works out of the box with Cheese and Skype, x max. Works with Cheese, xawtv, but not with Camorama. Camera does work in mplayer.

Works out of the box with ekiga, for Skype to work had to setup “gstfakevideo” found http: Vista Cam IM 7. Tchibo Laptop Camera Microdia 7. Genius iSlim Kubuntu 9. Switch to an external microphone.

Works fine out of the box with 2. Uvc is now the default, generic driver for usb webcams in most linux distributions, and has been part of the ubuntu distributions default installer package since late Camera is recognized and working with Camorama, but “Test Camera” button only shows black screen.


Originally Posted by dasy2k1 nothing ueb detected in anything else and m-a wont build the debian module from souce as i can only seem to get the kernel headers in the repo or a souce tarball with a slightly differnt name, im working on compiling micodia and will see what happens eventually.

To find out, type lsmod grep videodev.

To find out the device ID of your webcam, typing lsusb in a terminal window will list all USB devices on your system. The uvc driver does recognize the device as can be tested with luvcview.