Click the “Change” button in the “Monitor Type” area. Turn the PIP Screen on or off. This monitor driver is under certified MS logo and this installation doesn’t damage your system. Do not pull the plug out by the wire nor touch the plug with wet hands. Page 29 environment depending on the contents of the image you are watching. When used as a television the MP did its job and was easy to set up, but the clarity and sharpness did leave something to be desired.

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Inappropriate resolution may cause undesirable picture quality. Page 32 set to 0. To 910mmp the wiring an included converter is screwed on to the end of your coaxial wire and then it can be pushed into the input on the rear of the MP. Click the “Change” button in the “Monitor Type” area.

The bottom keyboard incorporates a number of functions which would be awkward to use via the OSD. Page 13 Connecting the Monitor Remote Control The performance of the remote control may be affected by a TV or other electronic devices operated near the monitor, causing malfuction due to interference with frequency.

Samsung Eletronica da Amazonia Ltda. Page 52 There are also other characteristics of a monitor, such as energy consumption levels, that are important from both the working and natural environment viewpoints.

Click “Start””Setting””Control Panel”. Click the “Install” button in the “Warning” window. Then push button again to circle through available preconfigured modes.


Samsung SyncMaster 910 MP 19″ LCD Television

Changing the source is allowed only in external devices that are connected to the monitor at the time. The amount of picture deterioration and video noise is not terrible but is very easy to notice, especially when you syncmaste up close. Page 3 Do not pull the plug out by the wire nor touch the plug with wet hands. If any items are missing, contact your dealer.

Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only. Don’t have an account?

List Use to select the screen of your choice. Available Mode Description Area When you turn the power on of the product for the first samsuny since it released Configuration from a factory, menu to select location will appear. The customer can return the used or rechargeable battery to a nearby public recycling center or to a store selling the same type of the battery or rechargeable battery.

You need to either fold or remove the base in use in order to install a VESA base.

Normal syncmastee are defined as continuously changing video patterns. Page 29 environment depending on the contents of the image you are watching. For older model Macintoshes, you need to adjust the resolution control DIP switch on the Macintosh adapter optional referring to the switch configuration table shown on its rear. Page 44 Service The address and phone number of the company can be changed without previous notice.


For the most part you really do not have to get too worried about these because if there is a clear TV signal and the picture is coming out properly that means everything is in working order and there is nothing to worry about. Problems related to Audio Problems related to audio signals and their solutions are listed below.

Do not spray water or detergent directly on the monitor. Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd. Choose the region and country where you use the monitor. Click the “Browse” button then syncmastee A: Once all the connections are made the computer and display could be powered up, after which the drivers were installed.

Unlike many other remotes the important buttons are prominently placed and easy to find.

Samsung SyncMaster MP 19″ LCD Television | eBay

Where can I find drivers, software and support for my Samsung printer? This can be done in either of syncmster ways- the front buttons or the remote control.

PC Connection Terminal 3.

For recycling information for TCO’03 certified monitors, for the residents in the following countries, please contact the company corresponding to your region of residence.