You can access LOBs through getter and setter methods that are defined by the standard java. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Takes a String object in Java 5. Table Supported java. You should escape the backslash character. This would apply, for example, to the following statement: Ab out warnings TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs that you may want to know about.

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Fatal errors make the database inaccessible until it can be recovered.

Timesten jdbc Stack Timsten to learn, share knowledge, jdvc build your career. The functionality described here does not apply to a direct connection. Here are some examples of events that cause TimesTen to issue a warning: Syn chronous detection of automatic client failover If, in a failover situation, an application attempts to use objects created on the failed connection, then JDBC throws a SQL exception. Client connections can be made from programs running remotely timesten jdbc on server hosting timesten jdbc database.

Features and functionality of JDBC support for automatic client failover Configuration of automatic client failover Synchronous detection of automatic client failover Asynchronous detection timesten jdbc automatic timestn failover Note: This section describes how to use the createStatement method of a Connection instance, and the executeUpdate or executeQuery method of a Statement instance, to execute a SQL statement within a Java application.


A transaction rollback consumes resources and the timesten jdbc transaction is in effect wasted.

I am going to connect to Oracle timesten database inside java application. It returns data timesten jdbc UTF encoding.

First connection attributes are set timesten jdbc jdbd database is first loaded, and persist for all connections. Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement This example shows jdbx to use a callable statement with an output parameter.

You timesten jdbc check for and report all errors and warnings that can be returned on every call. For applications that use a classic replication scheme, have very predictable transactional dependencies, and do not require that the timesten jdbc order on the receiver is the same as that on the originating database. Error handling for these errors should be different from standard error handling.

This program connects to timesten jdbc remote database and displays the contents of a table. The following example calls the TimesTen built-in procedure ttCkpt.

In some situations, such as recovering from a deadlock or time-out condition, you may want to explicitly roll back the transaction using the Timesten jdbc. The following topics are covered.

(Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

When you are finished accessing the TimesTen timesten jdbc store, call the Connection method close to close the connection to the data store. Provides capabilities for specifying timesten jdbc query threshold. Timetsen can use a listener to proactively react to failure timesten jdbc, such as by refreshing connection pool statement caches, for example.


TimesTen timesten jdbc features to control database access with object-level resolution for database objects such as tables, views, materialized views, sequences, and synonyms. Access control privileges are checked both when SQL is prepared and when it is executed in the database. You can use any of the following PreparedStatement methods to set a rowid: It is standard in Java 6.

JDBC support for automatic client failover Automatic client failover is for use in High Availability scenarios with a TimesTen active standby pair replication configuration.

There is no support for scrollable or updatable result sets.

Timesten – JDBC

TimesTen requires the data types before preparing queries. Example Exe cuting a query. See “Handling errors” timesten jdbc general information about errors and warnings. Sign up using Email and Password. See “Handling errors” for general information about errors and warnings. You must set parameters timesten jdbc position.